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I just want to share my experience with Tanya and how grateful I am that she came into my life.

Tanya basically had all these different tools and now it's just a matter of taking hold and actually implementing them. The thing about Tanya that I love is she really does practice what she preaches. It's genuine, she really loves what she does. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and seriously, you've got nothing to lose and lots to gain.

~ Tarsh ~

I wasn't quite sure what the course was going to be when I started or what was fully involved,

but I knew that I needed something to shift my energy, to shift me and move me to the next level. And definitely that's what this program did for me. Life was providing some opportunities for me to practice my new skills whilst I was working through the program. So I absolutely recommend RestoreMe. I know that my perspective has changed and I feel empowered to know that.

~ Gemma ~

I was so excited to get started until I got started.

I found the first week incredibly confronting. I was challenged right from the first question. I sat there with the workbook in front of me sobbing, and questioning if I could finish the first task, let alone the whole program. So I had a good cry, finished crying, dusted myself off and got busy. I showed up, I did the work as confronting as I found it, a lot of the time. I made sure that I turned up and even that was a big challenge.

I have got a lot out of the program. What has changed for me is that I've got a lot of tools. I'm starting to look at things differently. I don't let my emotions take over. I'm a lot more aware of my triggers and the stories that I tell myself. I'm a lot more aware of my priorities and values, and where I want to be. So things are starting to turn around bit by bit. And for the better, I know that I'll use the restore me program again and again, to help me get better, to help me move forward. As challenging as the first program was, I'll use it again and again. Thanks so much for your time and your commitment to helping everybody it's invaluable.

~ Renee ~

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